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Saturday, 31 March 2007


Wienna, Wienna, Wienna. Thanks girl for all the love. Do you know how many comments you left for me? Last count was about'm feeling you baby! Just thought to appreciate you the way you have appreciated me. Hope to hear you from you soon.

Meanwhile I was at Planet One today, venue for West African Idol Competition. Got introduced to Nana 'it doesnt werk fer me' Ambrewa, not very tall, but more good looking in real life than on TV. I lost my gold necklace, Dede was gracious enough to help me look for it...didn't find it though. I saw some of the guys. I also got introduced to the Idol WA crew from SA. It was nice seeing all this people you only see on TV.

Idol WA will be recording every Saturday at Planet One for the next eight straight weeks. I'll be there live watching and reporting it to you...behind the scene gist and gossip.

Also, tonight I watched 300 at the cinemas. All I'll say about the movie is that if you haven't seen it, you haven't seen anything yet. It's the best movie I've seen since Titanic and Sixth Sense. You got to see that movie. It will blow you away. I loved it, loved it, loved it!

Okay...go to go. There's 'something' waiting for me. Goodnight everyone. Sleep well. Especially you Wienna, see if you can contact me on my email address. It's

Do take care!


wienna said...

Yippeeee! My name made it to a blogger's headline. I'm honoured. I'm phamous now. :) I never knew i wrote dat many comments o.

As for your necklace, may God replenish it for u o. As i said b4, we wan see pics abeg.

And pls keep us up to date with d events happening dis easter o. :)

Tayo said...

Hey Wienna, (if it's the same you), I think it's time you start a blog of your own, and let's get to know you.

Linda, sorry about the necklace. How did it get lost without your noticing? Did you have it around your neck?

wienna said...

@tayo, yeah it's me o. I feel so humbled to hear of dat kain of request from someone. But even those who know me, will tell u dat i'm a very introvert person, shy and very boring. I've got nothing to blog about, i live a very boring life and as u know those of us living in jand here no dey get gist to talk about unlike u guys in lagos. I wish i could start a blog of mine cos i love writing and expressing my feelings.
Ever since i discovered world of blogging by my fellow kontri people, i've been so addicted to it and i just love reading people's experiences in life and being entertained

linda ikeji said...

@Tayo. I had the necklace around my neck, must have slipped without me noticing.I've had it for a while now,guess it's time to buy something that u in the pic?

@Wienna. There are so many shows taking place this easter, i'll see which one I can attend.Today's Basketmouth's comedy, not going though.but will give u all the gists of any I attend.keep loving!

Anonymous said...

This blog deserves more comment than it's getting.Only a few other blogs are as entertaining.Whether you get comments or not, please be rest assured that people are checking it out. This is my first time of dropping a comment, but i've been hooked on this blog since Feb.Good work linda for finding the time to entertain and educate the rest of us.

Christopher (Rulion) said...


Christopher Bolarinwa Marquis (CBM)
Silverbird TV Lagos
(Sundays 23:30)

Linda Ikeji said...

@Chris. I feel honoured when people like you appreciate people like me.its a great feeling.thanks

Tayo said...

Linda, Why do you ask? Well, what do you think?
@Wienna, I think you should just go ahead and start.

TERFA said...

Hi Linda. Great job - this. I just 'stumbled' on your blog today and find it witty, engaging and generally very entertaining. It will be seeing more of me

Christopher (Rulion) said...


I find this blog site remarkably thrilling - the height of dedication!!! Why not applaud you??!!! I feel print/blog media should also be of high recognition in Nigeria.

YOUR CHALLENGE: I need you to further this - Make it a visual/gossip concept.
20mins airtime with short reference clips, vox-pops, less of the presenter but V/O, find a flawless TV producer and perhaps a little hand with scripting. You already have the brand name "Blog."

Chew on it!

Christopher Bolarinwa Marquis (CBM)
Silverbird TV Lagos
(Sundays 23:30)

Linda Ikeji said...

@terfa.u are welcome
@chris.i have another concept 4 a tv programme.u'll hear about it soon.i also have a mag by the way.2nd edition is coming out soon.but thanks for the idea...linda

chidi said...

ok yeah i agree... i think "wienna" should start her own blog. what do you guyz think?

Anonymous said...

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