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Friday, 30 March 2007


I was sitting in my office having lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time. She and I went to thesame secondary school and we remained in touch until she left for the UK in 1999. My girl came back looking really different. I can safely say living abroad has done her good. Anyway, there we were catching up on lost time, when I heard something on TV that totally stopped my discussion with dear friend. What is this I'm hearing? The British government has effected increase in it's visa application fees. It wasn't just that they increased it, but how much they increased it to.

This is the new visa fee
The Direct Airside Transit Visit, which was formerly N7, 800 is now N11, 450
Six months visa from N13, 000 to N16, 400
Students visa from N22, 000 to N25, 750

Now, longer term visit of N22, 000 is now N52, 000
Work permit which attracted N22, 000 is now N52, 000
While Highly Skilled Migrant Programme formerly N22, 000 now also attracts N52, 000
Just as settlement visa fee which was N67, 000 is now N130, 000

Can you guys imagine this? I'm not against increase, they must have their reasons, (They said something about wanting to provide a modern, effective service to Nigerians) I don't have a problem with that but increase from 22grand to 52grand is stretching it a bit too far isn't it? Nigerians who want to go to the UK do not only have airfare to contend with, but also a high visa fee. But I trust my Naija people, no amount of money will stop them from going after what they want.

By the way, this new fees take effect from Sunday April 1st 2007.


Anonymous said...

I think they want to control the amount of Nigerians that enter their country. I think dats very unfair sha! Its not the people that go by 'AIR' they should worry about...if you ask me o! Na all of those people wey sell their mama car dey do cross country by road na them dem suppose worry about. Na those ones dey be problem when dem enter.

missB said...

Some weeks ago,I saw thousands of illegal immigrants that were to be deported from spain.I wonder what Nigerians are going abroad to do,when there are a lot of opportunities here in Nigeria.

Anonymous said...

Why are Nigerians so desperate to go abroad.I heard a lot of them are suffering in London,why can't they come back home and do something useful with their lives.

Tyra said...

Well guess they want to reduce the number of Nigerians coming into their country.I think its time they did that cos a lot of Nigerians are constituting public nuisance there.

bukky said...

People have various reasons for going abroad.Some go there for business, some on vacation,some to further their education,some to seek greener pastures.Whatever the reason(s)we shouldn't criticize or condemn them.

Tayo said...

Hey Linda, stumbled on your blog today and I must say I have no regrets. I had a discussion about these fees with a friend yesterday. The fact that the application fees have been increased does not mean an increase in Visas being given out... 9 out of every 10 applicants will still cry their way out of the embassy. So where does all the collected money go? They're doing some serious rip-off here and the Federal Government has decided to turn a blind eye. It's a sad thing and the sadder part is that Nigerians will still continue to flock the embassy spending all their hard earned money. God help Nigeria

ogene said...

if dem like make dem increase visa fee to 1mil.naija pple will still go after greener pastures.

Credit Analyst said...

Nigerians or other nationality, avaryone wants to live in a good state, with clean streets and decent salaries. People risk their lives to get into a better life, they will sell everything to give their children a promising future. Do not blame immigrants. As for the increased fees, I guess London just want mo re or less well-off people to come to Britain, to exclude a number of risks.

Opra said...

I think that people's desire to improve their way of life is normal. I feel nothing but respect for those people ho strive to achieve something better. So, we have no right to blame immigrants.

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