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Tuesday, 27 February 2007


I'm going to give y'all a task. Whenever you're free and feel like working your mind a little, this is where you should be. Look closely at the pictures of these men below, some are living, some are long dead but one thing they all have in common is greatness. They have all contributed in one way or the other to the bettermant of this world. Some names are quite popular but the faces behind the names aren't so, which is the case in most of these men I have below. So see if you can guess who is who.

Picture A

Picture B

Picture C

Picture D

Picture E

Picture F

Picture G

Picture H

Picture I

Picture J

Picture K

Picture L

Picture M

Picture N

Picture O

Picture P

Picture Q

Picture R

Picture S

Picture T

There are 20 pictures above and there 20 names below, see if you can match the pictures to the names. So pick out a paper and pen and start solving the puzzle. Just write aiv, kii sxiv etc. Later I'll load up the correct answers for you all but first, lets see how much you know the people in your world.

i=Adolf Hassler, Founder, Adidas
ii=Steve Forbes, Founder, Forbes Magazine
iii=Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson's father
iv=Paul Fireman, Founder, Reebok
v=Ray Kroc, Founder, Macdonalds
vi= Franklin Roosevelt, Former US President
vii=Henry Ford, Founder, Ford Motors
viii= Richard Williams, Venus/Serena's father
ix= Edouard Heuer, Founder, Tag Heuer
x= Guccio Gucci, Founder, Gucci Label
xi= Walt Disney, Founder, Walt Disney Pictures/Disney world
xii= Winston Churchill, Former UK Prime Minister
xiii= Gottlieb Daimler, Founder, Daimlers Motors
xiv= John Johnson, Founder, Ebony Magazine
xv= Christian Dior, Founder, Christian Dior Label
xvi= Phil Knight, Founder, Nike
xvii= Earl Woods, Tiger Wood's father
xviii= Paul Allen, Co-founder, Microsoft
xix= Nicholas Hayek, Founder, Swatch
xx= Emil Jellinek, Founder, Mercedes Benz

Have a great time working this one out.


Polly said...

fun game, but, none of those people are paul allen.

judy said...

fun game, but none of those people are women!!

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