Tuesday, 27 February 2007


Four French nationals, some of them Muslims, were shot dead in Saudi Arabia on Monday February 26th in what appeared to be a militant attack, the state's television said.

It said a group of eight French nationals came under fire near the town of Tabuk in the northwest of the vast desert country as they were heading to the holy city of Mecca for a pilgrimage.

Two of the group died at the scene and two others died later in hospital, the report said. The group include four women and a child but it was not clear if they were among the dead.

I usually don't like reporting sad events but this caught my attention. The killing happened in SAUDI ARABIA, a country which is supposed to be the most peaceful Arab nation in the world. I have a British friend who works in an oil comapny over there, I hope they don't get to him. But does this mean that this country is no longer safe for foreigners? It's a sad world we live in.

May the souls of those departed live in perfect peace. Amen.

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wienna said...

My dear, nowhere is safe anymore with these terrorism acts now o.

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