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Monday, 26 February 2007


Cate Blanchett

Nicole Kidman

Kirsten Durnst

Actress, Cameron Diaz

Naomi Watts

Rachel Weizs

Actress, Jessica Biel

Jennifer Lopez


Best Support Actress nominee, Abigail Breslin

Gywneth Paltrow

2006 Oscar Best Actress, Reese Witherspoon

Jodie Foster

Best Support Actress, Jennifer Hudson

Best Support Actor, Alan Arkin

Best Actress Nominee, Penelope Cruz

Best Support Director, Martin Scorsese

Best Actress, Helen Mirren.

From the pictures above, who is the best and worst dressed of them all? I think J.Lo is best dressed and Cameron Diaz worst dressed. No? Let me know who you choose.


Bluntremi said...

Hey Linda-
You missed my personal Favorite for the night...
Portia De Rossi!!!
That is a dress I would wear and she looked AMAZING in it!

Celine Dion's dress was amazing too..

Didnt like Cameron's...she did White @ the Golden globes too!!

Penelope Cruz looked good from the waist up - the feathers killed it for me!

Helen Mirren was VERY age appropriate... I hope I look that good at that age!

Mary J. Blige's dress was amazing...she was at the Vanity Fair after party.

Gotta run...

Calabar gal's pal said...

I admire Jennifer Hudson's full figure et al. However, i don't think she should wear sleeveless clothes when she's this size, as her arms look really chunky in them and take the focus away from her pretty face.
Compared to the other stars, she looks really big and this could have been prevented just by wearing the right dress. She could have worn an equally lovely dress with long sleeves to cover her arms; there are off the shoulder and low cut dresses like that. That way, she'd still accentuate her best features and hide the not so attractive ones at the same time.
I don't mean this in a bad way. For instance, before baby making, i used to wear a lot of cut off and backless tops to show off my six pack abs & belly ring and my dolphin tattoos on my lower back. But all that has now changed, as i no longer have those abs and have a slight jelly belly. Even my hubby who didn't used to mind before, now has a problem with me wearing revealing clothes.
Jennifer still looks good, but wearing the right fitting clothes really matters. It's the same thing with bras. Ill fitting bras disfigure the boobs and can make them look droopy and unattractive.

Just my two cents...

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