Thursday, 30 November 2006


If I was asked to describe my DREAM MAN, I wont describe him, all I'll do is show his photograph...VIN DIESEL. Vin is the only reason I wish I was born in the USA. I'm not even talking about dating him...wishful thinking abi? All I want is just to stare in those eyes and be hugged in those arms. Thats all I ask. Nothing more. I don't want to be greedy. My God..Vin to me is an embodiment of manliness. Want to find the definition of MAN in the dictitionary? Vin's picture will be staring you in the face. Honestly, this is one guy I'll do almost anything to meet. What do I love about him you may wonder? For one his VOICE. Know anybodyelse who has that voice? Its smooth, sexy and masculine. I love his EYES, his DEMEANOR, his SMILE, his BICEPS, his BUILT, his HEIGHT, his LIPS, his SELF-CONFIDENCE...should I go on? I better stop here because the list is endless.

We all have our fantasies, our ideal someone...Vin is mine. Hopefully one day I"ll meet him. Dreams come true, don't they?

Check out my FANTASY

look at that face

check out the confident man

see the smile?

ladies look at that body

my god...look at those eyes

and that chest...owch. Somebody find him for me


The question most people ask about this hot couple is if their relationship will last. Hello? They've been together for four years. That's longer than most marriages in hollywood. Personally, I think they genuinely love each other and if all goes well, they'll probably tie the knot. The question for me therefore isn't if their love will last, the question for me is who is more inlove? Initially, I thought Jay z was the one madly, deeply inlove and had been begging her for years to marry him. I thought Beyonce was more laidback and wasnt really into him (I heard she turned his marriage proposal down several times). But lately, I've been seing pictures of them together, seen them together on TV, heard a few interviews she gave concerning her relationship with J and how happy she all the rumour about her possessiveness, jealousy and insecurities (regarding Rihanna). Now I'm thinking maybe she is more inlove. You think I'm wrong and Jigga man is more inlove? Then check out their intimate pix and tell me what you think

see how inlove they are

see how they enjoy each other

see how they shop together

see how they play

see how happy they look in each other's arms

see how she's giving it to him

see how she's holding onto his hands

see how peaceful she looks being in his arms

see how she's smiling up at him

see how hot she's looking for him

see how she's clinging unto him

see how she's looking into his eyes

So who do you think is more inlove?


On monday 27 November, a friend called me on the phone to congratulate me on my up-coming wedding. My up-coming wedding? That was news to me. I asked where he had heard the story and he said one of our gossip magazines carried my impending nuptial with an ex on its front cover. I went and got the magazine and low and behold the screaming headline read...ex (name withheld) and Linda Ikeji back in love, plan secret wedding. The first thought that came to mind was, I'm getting married and nobody told me? I was not invited to my own wedding? I dont even know the date, time, venue etc and I'm supposed to be the bride? That's so unfair.

But seriously speaking, I was shocked to read the content of that story. It sounded so real, like they got all their facts from the parties involved. Infact, nobody will read that story and doubt its authenticity. It got to a point where I started asking myself if I was really getting married and didn't know it. I remember another friend called me to congratulate me and when I told him it was just a rumour with no atom of truth in it, he thought I was lying and didn't want him to know I was planning a secret wedding.

For days I didn't know what to do about the story. I personally had a mind of calling the magazine and refuting the story, but some family members and friends said to ignore it. Is it best to ignore a story like that? Everybody who has read that article believes you're getting married, do you let them go on believing it or set the record straight? Because God knows I'm not back in the relationship or planning a wedding. A secret wedding for that matter. I will never in my lifetime have a secret/quiet wedding. when the right man comes, I am having me an elaborate/fairytale wedding. Weddings are a once in a lifetime experience (at least in this part of the world, for most people) and I dont think it should be taken lightly. So why do it in secret when the world should know about it. I'm having me a big wedding, with cameras, press etc. God knows I deserve it. We all deserve it. Except you personally don't desire all the funfare.

Anyway, for those people who have read the story and wondered if its's not true. You're hearing from the horse's mouth. When I do finally want to wed, you'll all hear about it, whether you give a rats ass or

Wednesday, 29 November 2006


Kanu Nwankwo and wife Amarachi

Have you ever wondered about the lucky women in the lives of these famous, stupendously rich, handsome and talented footballers? How in the world did these women land these men? Well, for one I can tell you that most of these footballers wives are hot and sexy. Especially Kaka's 18yr old wife. She's like an angel. One of the things I noticed is that half of this footballers wives are models. We rock! I love men with great taste..there's nothing better than marrying a beautiful and sexy woman. With character and brains of course. Anyway, check out pictures of the lucky gals and their men.

Michael Ballack and wife Simoneis

Ryan gigg and partner

Oliver Khan and wife verena kerth

David Trezequet and wife Beatrice

Ashley Cole and Cheryl Tweedy

Rio Ferdinand and wife Becky Ellison

Adrian Mutu and wife Consuelo Gomez

Ruud Van Nistelrooy and wife leontine slaats

Kaka and wife Carolina Celico

Alessandro Del Piero and wife Sonia

Luis Figo and wife Helena Svegin

Raul and wife Mamen Sanz

Andrei Shevchenko and wife Kristen Pazik

Michael Owen and wife Louise

David and victoria Beckham

Thierry Henry and wife Nicole

Ronaldo and wife Milene

Austin and Nkechi Okocha

Liverpool player Dietmar Hamann and wife Tina

Barcelona player Deco and wife Jaciara


Akon revealed casually to DJ Angie Martinez on a radio programme recently that he practices polygamy and has THREE WIVES. Is this true? I heard he's been banned from talking about this by executives of his record label for fear that could make him loose some of his fans. He lives in the USA where polygamy is not possible or understood. Sincerely, if Akon has three wives, then I must say I'm deeply disappointed. He claims to be 27years old, how can he have three wives at such a young age? What the hell is a young man doing with three wives at this day and age? I hope its not true. His only known/official wife is Latrice pictured below

I'll also like to say Akon's brothers look so much like him. Check out Boo on Akon's right and and Omar on his left

The Thiam brothers


This is one guy I'm very proud of. For so long I heard he was Nigerian but did I believe it? It wasnt until I bought his latest album...The truth about love...and heard his intro, sang in the Igbo language, did I believe. lemar is Igbo? That's amazing. I'm mighty proud of you brother, for making it in an industry full of talent and extremely competitive.

There are so many questions I want to ask about this dude. Most significant of all is why he has never won an MTV Europe Award. Has he ever even been nominated? I know he has received MOBO and other unpopular awards but why not MTV? I won't mention the GRAMMYS' 'cos I heard you have to be practising your musical career in the USA for you to qualify for nominations. Lemar is a UK based artiste, doesn't that qualify him for nominations in the Europe version of MTV awards? Or are they saying his songs aren't good enough? As far as I am concerned Lemar is one of the best things to happen to the music industry not just in the UK but the world over. IF THERE"S ANY JUSTICE IN THE WORLD is one of the best songs i've ever heard in my life. What about TIME TO GROW, I BELIEVE IN THE THING CALLED LOVE, DONT GIVE IT UP or his latest efforts ITS NOT EASY AND LULLABY...this guy is a bundle of talent, with an incredible voice. And most importantly, he knows how to write songs. Lemar doesn't only deserve an MTV Award, he also deserves a GRAMMY. Or am I wrong? Has he won any of these awards before? If he hasnt, don't you guys think he deserves it?

To other questions, what is Lemar's real names? I've heard Obika but what is his surname?

What part of Nigeria is he from? I heard Abia state, is that true?

Where was he born? Has he ever been to Nigeria?

Lastly, when is he going to come to Nigeria to perform? That is one concert ticket I'll definitely buy.

obika what? Somebody tell me.

Tuesday, 28 November 2006


Who do you think is the world's best looking footballer? Alot of people have said its David Beckham. Do you agree? I used to think so too but lately I've been checking out this other three players. Namely: Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Raul Gonzalez and young Christian Ronaldo..owch..what a body! Ruud has this face that makes you want to stare at him forever..Raul looks like a god, his eyes is one of the sexiest I've ever seen and Christian Ronaldo...please somebody stop that guy. I think he has the best body in football. And that long neck that stretches like forever. He's got a girlfriend? Some women are so lucky! Now David many of you ladies will kill to spend sometime with this epitome of manliness? Victoria is damn lucky. If I had a husband like this...I won't sleep at night. If you guys know what I Anyway, who do you guys think is the finest? Check out their photos and decide.

Ruud Van Nistelrooy
Raul Gonzalez
Christian Ronaldo


My first impression of Mikel at the 2004 under 17 World Youth Championship was a young talented, level headed player who had his priorities right. He shone like a million stars and went home with the 2nd best player award in that championship. His conduct in that tournament was impressive, especially on the field. He hardly booked any yellow cards or got into a fisticuff with any other what is all these stories im hearing about his attempt to destroy his career due to lack of discipline

They say his general attitude at his new club Chelsea is nothing to write home about. He arrives late for training, he dumped the club's corporate dress code for his own style of dressing, his attitude on the pitch is not even encouraging. He's been sent off a few times this season. And i aslo hear his moral attitude is also an issue.

Mikel was out of the team for a month but thankfully he's been called back after he officially apologised and promised to change his ways.

Now I hear his Chelsea club manager, Jose Mourinho, has hired a psychologist for him in a bid to save his football career from going downhill. I hope Mikel knows he has a manager who believes in him. Others would have just left him to destroy his young career. I hear also that for now Mikel has changed his attitude and the coach has forgiven him. Here's hoping he remains a good and well behaved guy and footballer for a long time. He's too much of a talent to be wasted

To happier news, I hear he has been named as one of the leading candidates for the best young player in Europe, voted for by journalists from all over Europe and announced before the end of the year. He happens to be the only African on the list of finalists. Hope he wins it.

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